Being a mother #labour

I had my routine check up at 40 weeks and the midwife was a little bit concerned about her heart beat. It was not regular so she quickly sent me to the hospital. Doctors decided the best thing to do is to start the labour because the baby was ready to come. They started the induction and explained to us that probably it will take a day or even two until the real labour starts and of course another day before she arrives.

Everything started the next day and I was transferred to the labour ward at around four o’clock in the afternoon. The pain started to kick in and it was getting really intense with every contraction. Doctors and nurses didn’t expect anything major to happen that day. I have a very high level of pain tolerance but I remember that the pain was excruciating and by the time I tried to get the epidural it was time already to push. My nurse was in shock because everything happened in three and a half hours. I felt that my baby is on the way but no one was prepared. Nurses were running in and out and tried to get ready for her arrival. Michelle was born at eight o’clock in the afternoon and she was a special gift for my husbands birthday.

Finally the day to become a mother came for me. The first night at the hospital I was just observing my baby, wondering what do I have to do, is she warm enough, do I have to feed her already,… I really didn’t know what to do. Haven’t been sleeping much because my mind was like a roller-coaster, my life just changed completely. Watching my little baby girl was amazing and at the same time kind of scary thinking about the fact that the care free girl just became a mother. Next day we went home and our journey as a family began.

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