How to maintain your relationship in a good shape

Talk, talk, talk and talk again. And when you think you have explained everything to each other, talk some more and make sure you really understand your man. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t have time to talk enough and that’s the main reason why couples lose their connection. And when you lose that bond with your partner, it’s really hard to get it back on track again.

Communication is not the only important thing in a relationship. You have to also trust your partner to make the love grow in the right direction. Building that is a very complicated process which can collapse many times through the years, but only the strongest survive those falls. Women are usually emotionally more stable than men even though it doesn’t seem always like that. If a woman is emotionally very stable then there is a big chance that the relationship will be successful. We know how to guide men in the right direction with a gentle and firm hand at the same time. This can be very tricky but if you know your man you know exactly what to do.

I have been reading a lot lately about compromises and the fact that you can’t change your partner. “Yes you can”, and I have a living proof at home. People can change, and not in direction just to make compromises. But of course only with lots of conversation and emotional balance. Life is not spinning only around you. For a relationship and family you have to sacrifice a bit of yourself and your own needs to make it an amazing experience. Everything needs to be balanced and both partners need to do the same thing to start travelling towards success.

I have mentioned some extremely important things but left sexuality for the last part. Probably the majority of people will say that sex is most likely number one when it comes to the scale of importance. Yes, I agree with that and I am the first one to say, “women please be daring in the bedroom… “. But don’t forget as well about just sharing love on a daily basis, saying I love you or maybe just a random hug and kiss. That is a part of sexuality as well and it can affect partner in a very different way. A few loving words or a touch can sometimes feel even better than sex because you know that your love is thinking about you and cares about you. So I think people forget about these small things that can lead with years into emotional emptiness.

Relationships are hard work but a good one can be priceless and worth of every effort you put into it. Try to understand your partner and stop knocking on the door with, “hey I know everything” kind of attitude. They say for a reason that women and men come from a different planet. Don’t give up on the relationship with the first problem that comes by. Remember that there is no one without problems and it can only make your connection stronger if you manage to solve it. Make it simple, complications can destroy everything and enjoy every moment which will never come back. Life is too short. And finally, simply love each other.

10 thoughts on “How to maintain your relationship in a good shape

  1. There is much wisdom here and I appreciate your focus on communication for the purpose of understanding (which includes listening) and the mention of emotional balance. When I read, “Probably the majority of people will say that sex is most likely number one when it comes to the scale of importance.” I believe that may be true for young people. This is a topic my husband and I have talked about. He said that when he was in his 20s, sex was very important, sometimes as important as food, but that as we get older, physical sex becomes less important. I like how you clarified that a gentle loving touch is part of sexuality. Sexuality is important.Sex is important, too. For me, love, honesty and respect are more important, especially if you’re planning to be with someone into your golden years. Best wishes and thanks for the follow!

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  2. Such a wonderful post and so much I can relate to. I fully agree with you that communication is key in a relationship. I also agree with what you said about sex and how it changes as we get older, but it’s still vital. I’ve been married for 26 years and whilst we’re happy it still takes a lot of effort and commitment to keep it strong. Thank you again for a thought provoking post and also for the follow. Happy to ‘meet’ you here.

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