Feminism destroyed a new generation of men# my opinion

Controversial topic? Definitely, but I have a very strong opinion about that. Women did change the male population. Back in the days everybody knew what roles they were playing. Women have an extreme power to give a chance for a new life to begin. Don’t get me wrong, I really support women to get the best education,  to get the great jobs and most of all to have the same rights as men do. But at the same time to let a man be a man.

Let’s be realistic, men will always be the lion of the kingdom and it has to be like that. They have to feel strong to protect our families and our lives. Women are the ones that have to encourage this and not destroy it. The new generation of women started to fight against that because they can’t understand their power. People say that women support three angles of the house and they don’t say that for no reason. We do and we have to know what does that mean. If you take away the power of the man being a leader there is no way back. That’s the best way to completely womanise the men.

Women started to fight for the positions which in the past were reserved only for men. I don’t have any problem with that. But do they transfer that as well into the personal lives? Yes, I think the certainly do. That’s were the problems begin.

I have had a chance to interact with quite a few men in my life through my sports career and later on in relationships. I realised that I couldn’t really relate to my generation of men. I liked the old school. Being strong on the outside and showing some parts of the soft inside was what I was used to. But this new generation is the complete opposite. The jelly shell feels like you can just see through and when you see the inside there’s a burning fire ready to explode. In the past men respected their mothers. Today you can see every second boy or a young man fighting and arguing with his mother because that’s the only female that will let him to express his power. And I have to say it’s really sad to see that.

Do women have to go that far? I don’t know what you want for the future population but this is definitely not the best beginning of the feminism age. Women be women and let men be men. That’s how it was meant to be. Try to understand men that they need to be the leaders. If you don’t let them to be that in professional careers at least let them be that in their personal lives. At the end of the day even a strong man will always say “sorry guys, I have to go, my wife just called me”.


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19 thoughts on “Feminism destroyed a new generation of men# my opinion

  1. Excellent post and I know I’m lacking the grit and mental toughness in much of my life, which I’m working on myself. While I’m not sure all of the familial change has been bad but I see the effects of the imbalance in my own life, and those around me. What do you think can be done to balance the scales?

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Very interesting question and hopefully I will give you the answer you are searching for. I am predicting that you are a man (joeditzel) and maybe the feminism affected you in a way of losing the balance in your life. Working on yourself is very important because you have to first be happy inside. Honest communication with people around is the next very important thing to maintain the connection. To find a complete balance is very hard but we can come close if we try to understand ourselves and others and objectively find reasons why we are struggling to find the peace. And the last thing is expressing our emotions in the way that people around us can really feel what is going on inside. Nowadays majority of people build a wall in front of them, live a fake life and try to get through not getting hurt. Best wishes to you 👍🏻

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      1. This was perfect actually. I definitely build plenty of walls up with those around me (or wear a variety of masks like Billy Joel’s the Stranger). I’m working on all of these things now and trying to be open with the right people instead of being closed off. Trying to fight off the anxiety that comes with this too.

        Anyway, I appreciate your response and that you responded. I’ll be following the blog.

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  2. I do my best to respect an opinion but, man… This is the exact opposite of what women need. And don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on this article or you. But this notion that men are “lions” and whatnot is regressive beyond compare. You are powerful. Who says you aren’t the lion? Who says you can’t have that power you speak of so highly? I understand an opinion but please, please don’t underestimate yourself or bring other women down for being powerful with or without a man.

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    1. Thank you for your comment blairrcowan. I really respect different opinions and it is a very good topic to talk about. Women are very powerful and I never underestimated that. But I think at the same time we are very smart as well to know exactly how to use the power and keep the balance. That is the most important thing I am talking about. Women usually don’t believe that they are stronger than men, that’s why they feel the need to show that and destroy the balance between a man and a woman in a relationship. We were born with all the power and fighting so much for it is just showing that we don’t really believe that we do have it. That is my opinion but thankfully people are different and we have different opinions. Wish you all the best 👍🏻


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