Normal is very different and different is very normal

Last night I was watching the movie Venom and I was left speechless. It really made me think. Who on planet earth has such an amazing imagination to make a movie like that? Is that normal? I never liked science fiction because it’s just completely unreal for me but I have to admit that this one has a very good story behind it. I started to ask myself how can we define the normal things in life and the ones that are different. How can we really know what is normal and what is different?

I grew up in a family of four. My parents were working a lot but during all the free days we were enjoying together, exploring the world, and taking care of each other. I considered myself as a very normal child. I was thinking about the future, how my wedding will look like and how many kids will I have. The normal kind of thoughts every little girl has at that stage.

Through my teenage years I heard lots of times how different I am, people were saying this all the time. Because of my sports career, I travelled a lot and met many people from different backgrounds and cultures and I thought that’s probably the reason why they see me as a very different person. My way of dressing, my hair style, the way I was doing things didn’t stand out from the average. I didn’t have pink hair with piercings all over my face or tattooed body, but yet, the same opinion from other people was staying with me through my life. Even my relationships didn’t work out because men were just very intimidated by me saying I am different and they were not able to handle that.

Years after, I met my husband and he was the complete opposite of me. Finally, I thought if he says I am different he will have a very good reason. When we started to get to know each other, he really did come out with this opinion and kept repeating himself all the time. And I always said, of course we are different and it’s very obvious. But my curiosity didn’t sleep so I opened a conversation and asked him more about that. He explained me that I am different than all the women he met in his life. My way of talking, interacting with people, thinking, expressing myself and even my priorities are not what he was experiencing with others.

Well now I know that I am different but at the same time I think completely normal from my point of view. We always like to use these two words to judge people and it isn’t supposed to be like that. Everyone has their own opinion about what’s normal and what’s different but be careful because whatever you think is strange and unreal can be completely normal for someone else. Thankfully we live in a mostly democratic world, so we all have the right to express our thoughts but we have to make sure that our words don’t hurt other people’s feelings.


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