People need to rely more on their common sense. In the world that we are living today is very easy to get distracted. There is so many things going on, we are bombarded from all sides. Media is usually the most effective way of disturbing people’s lives. The worst results of media affecting population is related to promoting “beauty”.  TV commercials, social media, celebrities and especially all the reality shows are in majority cases based on how we should look and what is the standard of being beautiful.

I have been living in the UK for almost two years now. The amount of women I have seen that have completely destroyed their faces from a desperate search of looking ideal is horrendous.  These are young women who have their whole lives in front of them and they are just not happy with their image. The reason for that is probably the consistent vibe from the world, the intense pressure of perfect photos everywhere. It is sad that everybody knows that all those things are not reality but yet majority of women and men still trying to get close to that kind of perfection.

What is beauty?  Is that really something that we can categorize? Every person is unique, we all have different features and we can’t look like someone else. I think we all have one or two parts of the body that we are not quite happy with and that is very normal because nobody is perfect. And if we take care of ourselves with healthy lifestyle we can build that confidence that we need. Women I have seen are obviously bothered by many things when it comes to their faces and figure. The extents they go to have deeper issues. The inner beauty is damaged and because they have a lack of self confidence they can easily be affected by all the promoters of perfection.

I have never been against plastic surgery, botox, fillers, make-up, hair extensions, beauty tattoos and all that is available at this time. We have to take care of our body and we have to look good and feel good but at the right level. Sometimes women just go too far and just want more and more until the end result is even worse than it was at the beginning. It is important to find a limit how far to go. Sometimes you have to ask yourself is that really something that will make me happier? It is interesting that usually people don’t even notice that you have changed something unless it is so drastic that you look completely different.

Teenage girls are the most vulnerable category. They mostly experiment with make-up and of course follow all the trends out there. But they can get influenced by their mothers as well. They can get the wrong impression already from the beginning and by the time they become teenagers the lack of confidence is their best companion. And with all the pressure from the world’s idea of perfection everything can go rapidly down the hill. It is not a coincident that we have major amount of young people with severe types of depression.

Beauty is not just an image we are wearing, it is much more. Beauty is the whole package. When we love ourselves and we enjoy our body, when our mind is at peace, when we love what we do, when we are happy, that is called beauty. If you have a chance to tell people on a daily bases that they are beautiful just the way they are then there might be a big chance to save some ones future well being.

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11 thoughts on ““Beauty”

  1. I completely agree with you! I think the problem stems from home though, as you mentioned, the mothers. If a person is raised in a household where they are encouraged to look natural and feel confident in their own skin and, most importantly, have their parents lead by example, they will grow with that sense contentment and confidence; and therefore it wouldn’t be as easily for them to be affected by all that is being projected on them from media.

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    1. Thank you for the comment 😊 I am glad you liked it and yes it is very true, family environment is very important when it comes to development of children. Children are copying us parents and we are their role models and we have to make sure that we give them the right standards 👍🏻🤗

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    1. I am so happy that there are people thinking the same way. Thank you for sharing your experience and I have to say that your sister is a very lucky person to have a good role model and support 👍🏻🤗


    1. Thank you Jessica 🤗 I really believe that beauty is much more than just the image we are wearing. I can see that you have the same opinion 👍🏻 Read your article and I loved it, exercise is so important. Specially for mothers 👌🏻☺️

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  2. This is such a great post. I think we are all beautiful and we all have beautiful traits but I think more needs to be done to take the emphasis of beauty away from how we look. It is so damaging to so many people old and young. We cannot change the body we have to love ourselves, yes if this means getting tattoos or hair extensions then that’s okay but there has to be a limit.

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    1. Thank you Sarah for your comment. I am very glad you liked it 😊 and yes the world would be so much better if people would understand that. It is sometimes a challenge to deal with. Best wishes to you 😊🙏🏻

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