Vaccination – is it safe or not?

I recently had to vaccinate my baby. We postponed the immunisation process that should be done between two and four months. She got the vitamin K and BCG shot when she was born and at eight months the first shot for everything else. First few days looked like everything will be fine and there were no side effects but maybe a week after she started to get very sick. She had a high temperature, really bad cough, completely blocked nose and she was having difficulties to breathe. I thought that this should be a normal reaction to vaccine and that will pass shortly. I wasn’t too concerned although this was actually her first time being sick since she was born.

After a week of coughing all day and night I decided anyway to take her to the doctor just to make sure everything is ok. We left the hospital with the respirator mask for asthma. It was a bit of a shock for me because she was perfectly healthy baby and now suddenly she is suffering to breathe normally? Doctor was not concerned and advised us to use this for a week and she will get better. Everything went back to normal in a week and it was a relief for me but at the same time I started to seriously think about side effects of vaccination.

We have noticed other changes with Michelle. She was a very patient and calm baby, she carefully listened to every word I said and understood everything. After the vaccine she started to get very fussy and impatient, sometimes even aggressive and loud. I couldn’t understand really what was going on, so I tried to convince myself that we are entering a new stage of her life. Even her sleeping routine changed almost instantly. When I put her to bed she would go completely crazy, screaming and kicking with her legs and waking up many times through the night. That was a big difference from the routine we had before.

Four weeks after the first shot she got the second one. At that time I decided to really pay attention for any side effects. The cough was back which was very interesting and her mood changed even more. Some of the rashes that were healed already came back. That was for me and my husband a red flag. We started with a research and discovered many interesting things. We have listened to so many different stories how children became autistic and got different allergies, even became asthmatic. Honestly it is very difficult to understand that majority of babies nowadays have some kind of problems.

I always believed doctors when it came to vaccination and I always said that babies need to be vaccinated. Of course we don’t want our babies to get sick so we have to protect them. But do we really protect them with vaccination? I am not a scientist or a doctor but I have heard enough to decide that Michelle will not be vaccinated anymore. I had my flu and whooping cough shot as well when I was pregnant and ended up with a very bad chest infection. Never been so sick before but thankfully my body was strong enough to fight trough.

If a mother would ask me for advice now what to do, I wouldn’t say yes you have to vaccinate your child. I would suggest every mother to read about it and then decide. Don’t go in without any knowledge as I did. I know that in some countries it’s still mandatory but here in the UK we can decide. I am not a mother that is promoting the anti vaccination movement, I am just here to share my experience and my opinion. Please share your opinion about that and maybe even your own experience.

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17 thoughts on “Vaccination – is it safe or not?

  1. When I was pregnant I couldn’t have any meds for my cold as I was too close to my due date. I joined a natural immunity group on FB. Many of the members were also very vocal anti-vac. I talked with friends and family and took my daughter for her jabs. I told the nurse my concerns and she talked about the risks and how they are uncommon and that you can live with an autistic child but not a child that dies from a preventable disease but the choice was mine. I decided to go ahead but asked her to give my daughter a full health check first. In the end, Aria wasn’t vaccinated as they discovered very mild jaundice and she was sent to hospital for tests. It turned out to be nothing and so she had her jabs at 4 months old – except Rotor Virus (not sure of spelling). They can’t have that one after a certain age as it causes their tummy to collapse. I think that is quite scary. I’ve got friends who have had their babies vaccinated when they have mild colds and I think its terrible. It might not be the real disease but they need their immunity to be working fully. Knowing what I’ve learnt I wouldn’t get her done if she isn’t 100%. I don’t judge anyone that chooses not to do it as I don’t think we have all the facts about the side effects yet, but I am also friends with a mum who knows a child that wasn’t vaccinated and died of a preventable disease (I think it was meningitis). Making the decision caused me a lot of stress but it is done now.

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    1. Alison thank you for your comment. I totally agree that it is a hard choice to make. We love our children more than anything in the world and we want only the best for them. For me the most scary thing is that even doctors don’t really know how everything works. So I have decided that I will rather do my best to keep her immune system strong naturally with healthy food and lifestyle. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and opinion. Wish all the best to you and your daughter 🙏🏻☺️

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  2. I do have to agree that if your child is sick, dont vaccinate them until they’re immune system is at 100% again. That being said, it can still be hard to determine if you’re giving your child the right immunizations because of the scare of the side effects. I wasnt immunized against chicken pox when I was little so when a kid came to school with red bumps on his face, the whole class caught it. I was out for more than 2 weeks because it covered me from head to toe (even my eyeballs had bumps). Years later, my 3 siblings were born and they were given the vaccine. They got a few bumps here and there but nothing quite as serious.
    I understand that the immunizations are nasty nowadays but so are the ever mutating viruses. It’s a struggle to keep up with. It’s a difficult choice to make when the only outcome you want is for your child to be healthy.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree it’s a very difficult choice to make. We all want only the best for our children and the viruses out there sometimes really make you question your decisions. But at the same time the vaccines now are very different from the ones in the past. When I was vaccinated as a child my mother didn’t notice any side effects, we didn’t have any allergies or other unusual complications. So it’s good that we have a chance to decide what is best for our child. At the end of the day we are with them 24/7 and we notice every little thing that is happening. Good wishes to you 👍🏻🙂


  3. From my understanding – and the brief research I did – vaccines would cause reactions like that in children who have a certain gene. It wouldn’t happen otherwise. As for the vaccines and autism debate, it has been disproven. The person who wrote that article made up case studies and research and admitted it apparently.

    However, in the end the decision is yours. Right now, we have a measles outbreak going on in the US because people are skipping the MMR vaccine. My friend is a pediatrics nurse and she watched kids get put on level 4 (the highest level) respirators because they’d not been vaccinated against the flu. Things that are completely preventable or that had been eradicated are coming back and harming children. Especially those who are immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated.

    I choose to vaccinate my child both for her sake and for those children who cannot be vaccinated. I won’t let my child be the reason that one of those kids gets sick and dies from a preventable illness.

    That’s how I feel on the subject.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Blogimommy. I completely understand you and support everybody, whether they decide to vaccinate or not. I have seen my child’s reaction to a vaccine and my reaction as well and that forced me to start a bit of research. The fact is that they have increased the doses of vaccines for babies. That is scary at least for me. There is lots of studies about this and majority of them have to stay hidden. Big factor for kids getting sick is as well our lifestyle, our food is poisoned with all kinds of things. Even pregnant women are not as healthy as they were before and thats the reason why babies are born already with poor immune system. Of course the easiest way is to say thats all because parents refuse to vaccinate babies. Big corporation have to make money and only recently when doctors and scientists started to talk about the bad effects of vaccines they have started big campaigns against the people that decide not to vaccinate. I can see the bigger picture, the thing that we talk about is not vaccine but all the things that sorounds that. That’s my opinion but I appreciate yours and as I always say, do whatever you think is best for your children 🤗🙏🏻

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  4. Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless you, your husband, and children. I think that you are doing the right thing by sharing out your experience; especially for those who refuse to believe that these vaccines are literally destroying the human body.

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  5. I am an anti vaxxer, I understand the concern and risks of not vaccinating and of vaccinating, and what concerns me the most is the fact that doctors do not ever disclose the damages that can be caused by vaccination and i’m not talking about autism. Its funny how people are told to discontinue use of certain medications if they suffer an allergic reaction (which could be fatal) but vaccinations are perfectly safe. Its not i don’t agree that vaccination can be a good thing, however the risks are real and the severe damages it causes thousands of people every year is always brushed under the carpet for fear of bad PR. Then comes the scaremongering of an outbreak of one disease or another and “social responsibility” for ensuring we vaccinate our children to protect those who cannot be vaccinated. What about the responsibility of the government and drs to disclose the percentage of vaccine damaged children every year and how many of them actually receive compensation after being left severely disabled from vaccination. To me this raises a lot of concern and allowing vaccination for ones child isn’t a black and white decision. I have actually written about this in a blog if you would like to read through my personal storey.

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    1. Thank you Cigdem Cidan for your comment. I read your article as well and everything you said is very true and scary for most of the parents. Government has to promote the vaccines because the pharmaceutical companies are just too strong financially. It is impossible to stop them from potentially damaging our children. But the good thing is that we still have a choice to decide if we are going to follow their rules or think twice for the sake of our children. Best wishes to you and your family 😊🙏🏻

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  6. I adore this post! A parents choice to vaccinate should be just that, their CHOICE.
    So when we have people forcing the idea of vaccinations on us we have to question it surely.
    We wouldn’t let our kids eat something new without first looking into what goes into said thing, so why shouldn’t we be researching what we’re pumping into their bodies?
    Honestly I don’t mind what people do with their own babies, but don’t judge anyone else for their choices and views!! 🙌🏽❤️

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    1. Thank you for your comment 😊 I totally agree with you and I am very happy that many people think the same as we do 👍🏻🙏🏻 best wishes to you ☺️


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